Hive Update

The humans went out for another hive check and they were quite pleased with how Queen Eleanor and her staff are doing. Unfortunately, they are concerned with Queen Wilhelmina and her staff. They have built comb in such a way that it does not run parallel to the frames. They have designed more of a thumbprint pattern. The comb is full of honey but they are worried that the hive is weak. They will continue to keep an eye on it and monitor what goes on.

This is a frame that was pulled from the top of Eleanor’s hive. It is beautifully full and the girls are doing an excellent job capping it off. The full frame weighs about 5 pounds!

Something seems to be extra exiting in this corner of the hive. Best be sure to put it back carefully as to not damage them!


If you look closely in the frame above you can see what is called brood comb. Inside of the cells that are capped off but not translucent are baby bees! It takes a bee 3 weeks to hatch from its cell after being laid as an egg by the queen. Some of the cells are not capped off yet and you can see the bee larvae. The cells all the way to the left that are capped but look a bit translucent are full of honey. These cells will be food for the bees once they hatch. Honey gives them lots of energy to get them started on their journey of foraging.


If you look in the middle of this frame in the open spot, you can see the head of bee as it begins to emerge! How exciting!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on and around the farm!


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