Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here and it is hot! Normally one of my favorite past times is picking and scratching out in the sun but lately my favorite thing to do has been lounging in the shade under the butterfly bush. It’s nice and big and provides plenty of shade. There’s even enough room for the dog, Joker! The heat doesn’t stop us girls from producing eggs though. We have been working overtime to make sure Martha and her team have lots of farm fresh eggs!

Martha and her team are sure to take extra special care of us when it is so hot out. We have fans, plenty of shade, and multiple times a day our water is cleaned out and freshened. We have a great life here at the farm!

One of the thousands of butterflies that visited the bush so far this year!
The bees have been doing very well. Though this little lady seems to be confusing the flower on Chef Martha’s cane for a real one!
Aerial seems to be enjoying the sunshine 🙂

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on and around the farm!


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