Roman & Shadow

Roman and Shadow are the class clowns here on the farm. They are Dwarf Nigerian goats who were brought in as companion animals. They are quite mischievous though! Both find themselves getting into trouble more often than not 😉

Goats are often times brought onto farms and historical sites to help clear weeds and underbrush so humans can then use the property for whatever they like or need. Roman and Shadow do help with that, but as you can see, Shadow is more interested in eating Chef Martha’s parsley seeds!


The boys, along with us ladies and the horses, produce a great amount of fertilizer for the gardens too! But Roman would prefer to help cut the grass instead it seems…

As you can see, the boys, have a pretty easy life here on the farm!

In loving memory of our little Heidi.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on and around the farm!


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