Bee Update!

It has been a dreary day here on the farm but that didn’t stop the humans from doing a routine check on the hives. It is important to routinely check them in order to make sure that the bees are happy and healthy!

Queen Wilhelmina has been released from her cage!
Queen Wilhelmina’s staff have already begun to build comb.

The humans were quite pleased to see how the new Queen and her hive were doing. This particular hive is different from Eleanor’s in that all of the frames have something called foundation. It is a layer of plastic and wax that gives the bees something to build their comb on. The hive is also different in that new boxes are added on top of the existing ones, unlike Eleanor’s whose new boxes are added underneath. Wilhelmina’s hive is called a langstroth style hive and Eleanor’s is a Warre style hive. Langstroth style hives are the go to for commercial bee keepers and have been the norm for decades. Warre hives are a more natural style of bee keeping and are coming into popularity. The humans are curious to see the differences in the hives and honey production as time progresses.

Queen Eleanor and her staff have been quite busy!

Queen Eleanor and her staff have filled up the entirety of the first box of frames with comb, larvae, and honey. It is amazing to see just how much work they have done in a months time. Makes my days as a hen seem pretty relaxed!

Another section of frame from Eleanor’s hive.

Stay tuned for more updates about the bees and what goes on around the farm! Thanks for reading!


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