Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

The humans have been up to something! There is a lot more buzzing than I remember before today! Queen Eleanor and her package of around 10,000 bees arrived today; welcome!

Queen Eleanor is nestled in the center of this mass in her queen cage.

Martha, Zach, and the gang are super excited! They have been waiting for these bees for a very long time. Almost 6 months! They are hoping that with the addition of Queen Eleanor and her staff, they can help the overall population of bees in the local area. They are also hoping that with the location of the hive in such close proximity to where the gardens are going to be, that their crops of fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs are going to be the most successful they’ve been yet. Of course next year if all goes as planned, there will be loads of fresh honey and wax that they are sure to turn into delicious treats and beautiful gifts. With any luck, we hens may even get some scraps!

We hens stayed out of the action today. Normally we are always involved with the owners and what they do but not this time! No thank you. Maybe one day we will venture closer, but for now, we will leave that to the humans!

Chef Zach inspecting the ladies!

Clockwise from upper left:

  1. Preparing to remove the travel feeder.
  2. Out they go and into the hive!
  3. Chef Ludwig removing the cork from Eleanor’s cage.
  4. Chef Zach covered in bees! I think they like him 😉
Chef Ludwig inserting Eleanor into the hive in her cage. It’s only a matter of time before the workers release her! Thanks for the help Chef!
One of the workers saying hello to Chef Martha!
They seem to like their new home!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates about Queen Eleanor and what’s happening on and around the farm!


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