The Hens Behind the Name

“How did you come up with the name?”

This is the question my owner gets most about her business. You see, Martha has always loved the idea of farm-to-table and being self sustaining. Acquiring those first chicks in 2011 was the start to achieving that dream. She was now able to harvest her own free range, local eggs and it only seemed fitting that they found their way into her delicious baked goods too!

She baked and she baked and eventually decided that she wanted to grow beyond baking for friends and family. The easy part was developing the business idea, but what to call it? Well, she mulled it over for a while and decided in late 2015 that Happy Chicken was the perfect name for her bakery. It was cheery, fun, unique, and it only seemed fitting that the hens she loved so much were the star of her show. We hens were very honored and we knew we had a big job to do. Something that we take pride in every day!

Spring time on the farm is always so lovely…



These little hens lay miniature eggs!
When we aren’t busily producing eggs or eating, sunning ourselves is one of our favorite pastimes in the warmer months!

Stay tuned for more updates around the farm! Thanks for reading!


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